What a great time we had on our visit to the Sawmills at Hatton Heath, part of the Duke of Westminster's estate.

Shropshire WI CCA Hatton Heath 2023

We were warmly welcomed by Annabel, the Agent for the Estates, and Greg, the Head Forrester. It was fascinating to hear not just about how involved the Duke is (and what a good employer!) but about all the very diverse ecological schemes in place throughout the twelve thousand acres. We were shown the machinery, the kilns where the wood is dried and the fascinating process of aging the various woods. From saplings to timber, to biomass and replanting - it was a most enlightening  and educational outing. A feast awaited us on our return to the workshops, and Kath Neville gave a heartfelt Vote of Thanks along with a donation for the Young Carers charity, one of the youth initiatives the Estate supports. Sue Bradley then thanked Kath and her Committee for arranging such a marvellous and unusual evening.