Find a WI

Click the 'Link' tab and scroll to find a specific WI by name. Alternatively, search by postcode in the box below or select by meeting day and time period.

Click or tap a map icon to find out more about the WI located there.

If you want to zoom in and out of the map and are using a device with a mouse:
- hover over the map and use the wheel of your mouse to zoom, or:
- if you're using a mousepad, click into the map and then use the + and - keys on your keyboard.

Other functions, which can also be viewed by clicking/tapping 'keyboard shortcuts' at the bottom of the map, are:


← to move left

→ to move right

↑ to move up

↓ to move down

Home to jump left by 75%

End to jump right by 75%

Page Up to jump up by 75%

Page Down to jump down by 75%